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SQL Enlight 1.7 BETA

What’s new in SQL Enlight 1.7 BETA Improvements in analysis rules designer. Implemented several XPath extension functions including support for the http://exslt.org  extension modules. Support for Statistics in analysis context. Updates of some of the analysis rules – EX0001, EX0002 and EX0003. SQML optimization. See the changes in SQML that may affect your custom analysis […]


SQML changes in SQL Enlight 1.7 BETA

Obsolete SQML elements replaced in During the optimization of SQL Enlight, we did small changes in the SQML schema. These changes will affect only the users who have created their own custom analysis rules. The SQML elements: pu:optional, pu:essential and pu:binding are no longer generated and are replaced by pu:semicolon and pu:dot.

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SQL Enlight 1.7 CTP

Just at the at the end of 2009, we are happy to announce the CTP release of SQL Enlight 1.7!  It took us a while, but we think that the result is worth it. The new version can download here.  Overview Analysis context – server details and database schema are now available during analysis and can […]

New web site look

We finnally completed our new web site implementation and the redesign. The new look and feel is thanks to our friends from Oxy Studio. We are also pleased to offer three new licensing options for SQL Enlight – Academic,Classroom and MVP. Read more about the new licensing here.

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SQL Enlight 1.6

New features in v1.6 Custom analysis rules Design, implement and tune powerful static analysis rules using XPATH and XSLT. Create and manage analysis groups Categorize analysis rules in custom groups. Command line interface The command line tool supports server analysis, analysis and layout of T-SQL script files, and report generation. Integration with automated builds The […]

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SQL Enlight 1.5

What’s new in SQL Enlight v1.5 12 new analysis rules Ten performance and two design analysis rules were included. New arithmetic operator layout rule New rule for handling arithmetic operator placement was included. Enhancements in v1.5 Full support of SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL syntax.

Ubitsoft’s free online T-SQL Beautifier

Reformat, validate and convert SQL scripts into colorized HTML ready to be used in blogs and forums, with help of our new T-SQL Beautifier. Features: Free,online and having the power of SQL Enlight T-SQL Beautifier is a free online utility that uses the engine of SQL Enlight. Reformat SQL code Layout T-SQL script using a […]

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SQL Enlight v1.4

What’s new in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.4 Encapsulate T-SQL Script Encapsulate selected SQL code as a new stored procedure,scalar function or inline table-valued function. Comments handling layout rules. New rules for handling comments placement are included. Four new rules for breaks placement in comma lists. The rules controls comma list breaks in SELECT,ORDER BY and […]

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SQL Enlight 1.3

Enhancements in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.3 Integration with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio 2008 CTP New features: Transact-SQL Script Analysis Scan Transact-SQL code for design and performance problems, deprecated syntax and get best practices recommendations using 22 code analysis rules. SQL Enlight Error List Use SQL Enlight Error List to view and […]

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SQL Enlight 1.2

New features in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.2 Transact-SQL Script Summary Using the Script Summary you can view a short hierarchically summary of all batches and statements in the current T-SQL script. Separate T-SQL script validation command Using the Validate SQL command you can identify syntax errors in a T-SQL script without SQL Server connection. Join […]