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SQL Enlight

We are happy to announce that the next update of SQL Enlight is already here. Here is a summary of what’s new in version Support for SQL Server 2014 – T-SQL syntax enhancements and new schema features Support for analyzing SQL Azure databases The Command line tool, NAnt and MSBuild tasks can now accept […]


CR0002: Avoid altering security within stored procedures

Message Avoid altering security within stored procedures Description The rule checks and alerts for usage of GRANT, REVOKE, or DENY statements within the body of a stored procedure. Avoid altering security within stored procedures, functions, and triggers. This can lead to unnecessary database calls, or it can hinder troubleshooting security permissions. Author Jeff Foushee Example […]


CR0001: TOP (100) PERCENT

Message TOP (100) PERCENT found Description This rule checks for the phrase “TOP (100) PERCENT”. This phrase has no bearing unless the percentage is less than 100. This phrase is commonly generated by creating a view in the SQL Server View Designer. Author Jeff Foushee Example SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT LastName, FirstName, JobTitle, Department FROM       HumanResources.vEmployeeDepartment ORDER BY LastName ASC  


How to get a free license of SQL Enlight

  Until now, only MVPs and trainers are entitled to free SQL Enlight Licenses.  Now everyone who authors a custom analysis rule and shares it with the SQL Server Community can also get a free personal license of SQL Enlight For SSMS worth $145. What you will have to do? 1. Think of a new useful […]