Academic License

Who qualifies?

Academic licenses are available to accredited educational institutions (vocational schools, colleges, universities) and to individual students and teaching staff.

Term of validity

Licenses are perpetual for the licensed version of the software.

Single license price

$ 49 without VA

License availability terms

Academic licenses allow for use of fully-functional version of the software for non-commercial purposes only, including education and research.

Purchasing academic licenses require proof of academic status.

To apply for an academic license, send an e-mail to providing the following required information:

  • Academic institution name, address, website and email address for contact.
  • Your name, position (faculty), year in school (for students) and your email address.

We will evaluate your application and use your email address to send you a link to purchase a SQL Enlight academic license for $49, or contact you if we require further information.

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