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Pre-sales questions

If you have any pre-sales questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@ubitsoft.com.

Customer Care

If you have any questions related to the order process including security, delivery or more click here for the Customer Care section. This will also allow you to log into your ShareIt account and view Order Info and History.

Order SQL Enlight For SSMS

We use Share-It as our E-Commerce provider. When you start ordering you will be redirected to a secure web page where will be able to quickly and conveniently complete your orders.

Immediately after you finish your order you will receive e-mail from Share-It with the order details, product activation key and instructions on how to apply it.

Ubitsoft SQL Enlight For SSMS

Licensing Options


For companies and organizations

Commercial Licenses are available to companies, organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) requiring the software for general commercial use. Bulk purchases qualify for volume discounts.

Price: $195


For individuals

Individual who is purchasing a product license using his/her own funds.Personal licenses are not available to companies in any way or form and can't be refunded by employers.

Price: $145

Free Options


For EI and trainers

Educational institutions and trainers can apply for free SQL Enlight For SSMS licenses.


For MVP-s

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals can apply for a free license of SQL Enlight For SSMS.

Product delivery

You will be purchasing a Product Key that you will receive via email and can use to activate the software that you can freely download from this site. If you have already downloaded and installed the software, simply use the Product Key to activate and continue freely using it after the trial period is over.

Money back guarantee

SQL Enlight For SSMS comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our tools within the first 30 days of purchase we will refund the amount you've paid, on the understanding that you will deactivate and destroy any licenses received, and uninstall the software.Money Back Guarantee

Upgrade policy

SQL Enlight For SSMS version: [major version].[minor version].[release].[revision]

Minor version upgrades, which include bug fixes and minor improvements are free. Major version upgrades have to be purchased separately.